Read and play within the text,
comment on it together with other readers
following TwLetteratura’s method.

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The pleasure of reading together

Betwyll is a new place where you can read and comment texts with TwLetteratura’s method for social reading. Choose a book, propose it to the community, read and comment it together with other readers and new friends through short messages of 140 characters. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

An app born from a game between readers and students


Discover which texts the community is reading and propose your own.


Read your friends' comments to the texts and chat with them in the arena.

Beta version

Be part of the development of Betwyll becoming a beta tester.


Meet new friends while reading and develop new projects together.

What do teachers say?

“Students do not read anymore? With TwLetteratura they do, because they realize they are key players in the text.”

Elisabetta Romano – IISS Caramia Gigante, Bari – Italy


“TwLetteratura is literature shared, the beauty of a participatory knowledge making students’ eyes shine.”

Maddalena Santacroce – Liceo Carlo Rinaldini, Ancona -Italy

Propose your text

Propose a text you would like to read and comment together to the community.