Betwyll can be used in schools of all grades in support of traditional didactics. The method on which it is based encourages deep reading, creativity, synthesis and critical thinking. The discussion on cultural contents promotes a mature and informed use of social networks, whereas the safe environment where the social reading games take place fosters dialogue, empathy and collaboration. Betwyll and the TwLetteratura method have been adopted by more than 14.000 students, 500 teachers and 300 schools all over Italy, with more than 50 books read and commented on, so far. In Europe, they were tested in Sweden and are still piloted in Wales for the promotion of bilingualism.  

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Betwyll can be used in universities as a support to traditional didactics and as a space for collaborative learning. Within Betwyll it is in fact possible to create ad hoc virtual classrooms where students of the same course can interact among them and with the professor, in a private space built to address specific needs and objectives. To date, Betwyll has been used at the universities of Edinburgh (Scotland), Ghent (Belgium), Harvard (USA), Indiana (USA), New York (USA), and by the Nexa Center for Internet and Society (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Toronto (Canada), Toronto Mississauga (Canada), York (Canada). It was also subject of researches by the universities of Cardiff (Wales) and Pavia (Italy).

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Betwyll can be used within companies and organizations in support of change management, community management and team building processes, as well as an intranet working space  for project groups and teams. The use of Betwyll enhances creative processes, dialogue and sharing, developing empathy and collaboration among participants.

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