October 18, 2018

On 23 October, Betwyll and other 15 EdTech startups will meet at Netport Science Park for EdTest, a unique occasion to test their solutions with Swedish teachers and students.

On Tuesday, 23 October, Betwyll will take part in EdTest at Netport Science Park in Karlshamn, Sweden, along with other 15 education technology startups from Northern Europe: Blixtjakten, Filmriket, Formida, Grow Planet, Languagenut, LearnCove, Learnify, Lexplore, NOKflex, Reactored Language Tool, SammTalk, School Day Wellbeing, Seppo, The Atomic Journey.

EdTest is a co-creation platform enabling EdTech solutions to make user tests with students and teachers across South East Sweden. During the kick-off day, teachers, schools and companies will come together to pitch edtech solutions, get acquainted and start innovative collaboration programmes to improve education through digital technologies.

Located in Karlshamn, Netport Science Park is a creative hub for entrepreneurs, researchers and students focused on digital media, energy and intelligent transport systems. Here, professionals from different backgrounds work together to foster the development and dissemination of skills, business opportunities, education, research and innovation.



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