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TwLetteratura is an innovative method to promote cultural contents through the potential of social networks.

A community chooses a text – usually but not necessarily a book – to read and comment on through short messages of 140 characters (twylls) following a shared reading calendar (i.e. one chapter every two days). On Betwyll, comments can be attached to the specific portion of text they refer to or reply to the messages of the other readers. Twylls may range from simple summaries to variations on the theme or linguistic games, just as in Oulipo, or express personal views and interpretations.

Being focused on social reading, Betwyll thus becomes a safe space for learning and sharing, in open or private groups, such as a class or a team.


The TwLetteratura method can be used in schools, universities or companies to:

  • develop deep reading, creative and writing skills
  • learn and practice a foreign language
  • promote an informed use of social networks
  • enhance critical thinking and self-confidence
  • foster dialogue, empathy and collaboration

The TwLetteratura method was also acknowledged by the European Commission as one of the 15 good practices promoting reading in the digital environment and included among the tools of the Digital Civic Education curriculum of the Italian Ministry of Education (Generazioni Connesse).


Betwyll User Handbook

Promoting Reading in the Digital Environment