Social reading enters the class

In the year 2018/2019 we kicked-off the Pearson-Betwyll project: a pilot involving teachers and students all over Italy in a social reading experience in various steps, dedicated to Italian writer Luigi Pirandello. After a preliminary training for teachers, the students will be able to read and comment on the texts proposed in a safe and private environment, build exclusively for them.

Creative Collaborations

In the year 2018/2019 we kicked-off an innovative bilingual pilot in three primary Welsh-medium schools to promote the use of Welsh in informal contexts and a greater accessibility of children literature in both languages, English and Welsh. The project promotes the collaboration among the students, the main independent Welsh publisher, a contemporary writer, a poet and an illustrator, local and national institutions promoting the Welsh language and literature.

Mandami tanta vita

In November and December 2018, thanks to the collaboration with Italian publisher Feltrinelli and writer Paolo Di Paolo, it will be possible to read and comment on the novel Mandami tanta vita, dedicated to Piero Gobetti. The project is mainly targeted at secondary schools and also includes the direct involvement of the author in the social reading activity on the app.