With the Pearson-Betwyll project we are piloting social reading with students and teachers all over Italy in a literary journey in different stages. Thanks to Betwyll, participants will be able to access a large virtual class where to read and comment together on the Short stories for a year by Italian writer Luigi Pirandello through the TwLetteratura method.

The preliminary phase of the project is targeted at teachers: starting from October, they will be able to get familiar with social reading and our app through a series of thematic webinars and a dedicated class on Betwyll where to practice our method in first person on Pirandello’s texts.

In February it will be students’ turn to play: for six weeks, they will be able to work on the short stories proposed, developing their language, critical thinking and collaboration skills. This all, having fun, practicing their creativity and, at the same time, becoming aware of their digital identity and of the netiquette.

With Betwyll it’s not just books that become protagonist but readers, above all!

Digital technologies offer people greater reading opportunities, but tend to promote a superficial attitude towards reading. Commenting on a text in 140 characters forces instead to focus on that specific content, looking for what’s more relevant and, thus, examining the text and the author to identify its deep meanings. Our ambition is to recreate Euphemia’s square, where rather than the merchants imagined by Calvino, it’s readers who meet. And, thanks to books and their shared reading, they become more careful, aware and engaged individuals, who are also members of a constantly evolving community.